Hello, I'm

When I was 22 years old, I was lying in a cancer clinic with a needle stuck in my arm because I had Stage Four cancer. The chill of the drugs finding their way through my veins is something that I’m glad that I haven’t had to reexperience in the past 30 years. 

But the reality is that I had Stage Four cancer.

By the grace of God, I recovered.  Sort of.  But not fully. 

Within the next year, I got married to a wonderful man.  Following this, we adopted three young siblings. And, the truth is, as wonderful as this was, in my mind, I was saying, "I need to do more. I have to figure out a way to be home to homeschool my kids, but how do I facilitate that?"  

And, because Stage 4 cancer was in the back of my mind, I wanted to figure out a way to live a life of excellence and legacy, and purpose. 

I realized that the lifestyle I was living was good but not great.  So I started looking for ways to improve my health.  But, in reality, I couldn’t move past the chemo brain and fatigue.

Turns out, as I was looking over the shelf at the health store, I thought about a pamphlet that my aunt had given me. 

Apparently, there is a study, that followed supplement users – like me – for 20 years, and it showed that those who use aunt's brand have better health than people like me.  So, I looked at my medicine cabinet and asked myself, 

"Am I wasting money and time and probably my health? 

Next, I started using her brand and within a week, I realized that it was giving me a new breath of life - even more than I had before my Stage Four cancer.  

I also found there was an opportunity for me to utilize what I found not only for my health but also to take care of my family both physically and financially.

Nine years ago, I welcomed that opportunity and created a business that I could do from home.  Whether I wanted to be able to afford the extras for my kids or whether I wanted to create a passive income stream for retirement, I had something that would facilitate it.  

Best of all, I had something that gave me purpose and made me want to get out of bed every day! 

Now that I'm in my 50s, I sometimes think back to the moment when my doctor told me, "You had terminal Stage 4 cancer, and the fact that you are alive is a miracle".  Honestly, when I am reminded of that, I can’t stress enough that life is a gift that you don’t want to waste.

Bottom line, I want to encourage you to put thought into the things you are doing to provide for your “here and now”, your future, your purpose, and the legacy you want to leave. 

If you do that, I think that you will be an amazing difference-maker who will leave an enduring influence in the lives of those you have touched.

Here's to your impact!

Bonnie Smit